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Individuality is the food of love

Every couple is different.  You have different backgrounds, different interests and different inspirations.  Every aspect of your wedding – and your wedding breakfast – should reflect that, should make the event yours.

As your prospective wedding caterers we see it as our job to sit down with you, to understand your backgrounds, your families and your ideas, to discuss together the foods that would make your wedding reception truly memorable and truly yours.

We do not have set menus.  How can we, when every couple is different?  We recommend exactly the foods, dishes and menus that will fit perfectly with you, your location and your budget, and delight every individual person present.

We can cater for a reception in a village hall, in a marquee in the middle of a field or a conservatory or garden.  We can offer a formal, traditional experience or new ideas like our Mediterranean picnics, served on platters.

Our free tasting session of your selected menu ensures that it exactly suits you and your guests’ taste, style and dietary requirements.

If you would like the food at your wedding reception to be as individual as you are, please call us today on 01962 600173 for a friendly and without-obligation discussion of your requirements.

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